Seeking the Renewal of Boston with the GOOD News of Jesus Christ

We are a community of followers of Jesus. Our vision and our desire is to live as those who pursue God and live in community in our time and place, bringing spiritual, social, and cultural renewal to the city. We want to invite you to do the same.

We are a Church community in the middle of Boston that exists to bring hope to Bostonians in Jesus’ name. We believe Jesus is good news for today, and that you can find the most fulfilling life by living in the story of God. We are a diverse community, with an ambition to see the fame and deeds of God renewed in our time, and to practice a powerful faith that brings renewal to our relationships, workplaces, and neighborhoods. We invite you to explore Jesus with us, and become a part of the story God.



We believe the gospel has the power to transform every aspect of our lives and therefore should be the core of all of the ministries of the church. We believe the gospel is the essential message to enter the kingdom, and this good news releases the power of God to renew and revive the church. 

The Gospel is the good news that God our Father, the Creator, out of His great love for us, has come to rescue us from sin, Satan, death and hell, and to renew all things, in and through the work of Jesus Christ on our behalf, to establish His kingdom, through His people, in the power of the Holy Spirit.  This is for God’s great glory, and our great joy.


We are not meant to follow Jesus on our own, but as a community of faith.   We were made for community—relationship with God and with each other. The local church is not merely a place that we attend but a people to whom we belong. The Bible calls us members of the body (1 Corinthians 12:12-31) with the expectation that we contribute to the body for the glory of God and the good of His people. 


Jesus never intended for us to live the Christian life and follow Him out of our own strength and power.  Even Jesus waited for the Spirit to come upon Him before He launched His ministry.  Jesus teaches and instructs us to pray.  Prayer is helping us continually call up on the Lord, proclaim his goodness and worthiness to the world, and invite him to do a new thing in our lives, in our community, and in our city.  We believe the church is at its best when it prays.


Life consists of constant worship. Every thought, word, desire and deed involves the ascribing of worth and value—glory. Each attitude, affection and activity is an expression of our allegiance, whether to our Creator or His creation. God alone is worthy of our worship.


Boston is the city to which we have been called. This is where we live. This is where we show others the love of Christ.  Working for the renewal of the city means discovering your purpose and vision for joining in God's restorative work in the world through your life.  Every one of us is sent by Jesus into the world to bring the kingdom, steward the gifts and resources he has given us for human flourishing, and to model His servant love to those around us.  Our mission is to glorify God through our worship and our everyday lives.  There is no greater joy in life than to enjoy God’s presence and to make Him known.


Buildings, programs and methods do not define church. We are the church as we deepen our commitment and connection to Christ. Therefore, our growth as a church is the result of knowing Jesus through immersion in His word, prayer, communion, fellowship and song. Our emphasis is growth that results from people hearing and being changed by the gospel, not simply growth from attracting spectators or attendees.