Next Steps


Worshippers at Redemption City Church are involved at various levels in the mission of the church. Wherever you are right now, whether it's attending regularly or growing in full commitment to the life and ministry of our church, it's exactly by God's design and it’s cause to rejoice.  But we challenge you to move forward. Christ's church is how His people minister to one another, to the world, and to God Himself. His church is worth our time and energy.  So wherever you are, ask Jesus how you can take one step forward in involvement in His work through this church.  


If you’ve occasionally come to worship with us on Sundays, we’d like for you to become a more regular part of our worship community. We want to help you grow in your desire to worship Jesus and explore a life that makes much of Him.  The first step is to commit to regularly attend a weekly worship service and get to know the people and leaders there (Hebrews 10:24-25).

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We encourage you to get involved beyond the worship auditorium. A good first step in this direction is to join the community who serves the church. Become a contributing part of the team that supports the functions of the church as a whole. It takes a lot of volunteers to create an environment where people can connect with others, hear the Word of God, and worship Jesus on Sundays. From helping guests and welcoming them as they come in the doors, setting up our environments for gathering and worship, to teaching our kids about Jesus, you can be a part of making Sunday services a reality.

Learn how you can serve at Redemption City Church. 


If you already serve on Sundays or during the week, it’s time to take a step toward committing to the body of Christ at Redemption City Church. This means committing to obey the gospel in a smaller group of believers and recognizing the need to be trained as you serve. City Groups are the primary way to connect with others at Redemption City Church and pursue life on mission together. This is our primary strategy for demonstrating and declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ in and through community.

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If you’ve been engaged in healthy community and investing in your own development, growing in your involvement may simply be living out these practices with greater purpose and intentionality. It means living the lifestyle of a missionary and acting like an owner of the mission that God has given us. This also means becoming a partner in the identity and purpose of God’s church at Redemption City Church.

Owning God’s mission at Redemption City Church might look like leading an effective and healthy city group, leading and developing a service team, or expressing God’s mission in some other way in your neighborhood, workplace, or even another country. To step toward this kind of engagement, you can commit to membership and be trained in the theology, principles, and practices of Redemption City Church

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