A Better Me?

Dear Redemption City Family,

Happy New Year!

I am assuming that during this time of year many of us have made and/or are working through New Year’s Resolutions. It’s the one time of the year where we try to meaningfully reflect on the past year and renew focus on the new year. While making new resolves are important and I think necessary, I’m reminded that many of us are mostly motivated by regret and not God’s grace.  

What is 2016 going to look like for you? Will it look like a commitment to a better self through self-improvement or a better self through confession, repentance, and faith? What if 2016 was more about knowing Christ and pressing into the future rather than dwelling and living from the past?  

As we enter 2016, let's not be consumed with the kind of person we want to become this year but rather the person we are becoming for eternity.

This is our first Sunday gathering of the year. I pray many of you will join us. Lets begin the year with our hearts full and our eyes set on Jesus. 

Christ is All, 
Pastor Juan




Newcomers' Lunch
If you are new to our church and would like to chat with Pastor Juan, ask some questions and hear more about our vision, then join us for our Newcomers' Lunch directly following our gathering tomorrow. Lunch/drinks will be provided, and we will finish at 12:30PM.

Haley House Soup Kitchen
We are helping the Haley House Soup Kitchen on January 24th and February 14th from 1:30 – 4:30PM as we prepare/serve a meal for the elderly homeless community of the neighborhood and share the love of Jesus. Sign up to serve on our website.

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Women's Gathering/Bible Study
Women: Mark your calendars for a Women’s Gathering and bible study kick-off on February 6th (note date change). RSVP and find more information for the event on our website

Have any questions? 
Email us. We'd love to hear from you!

Help Wanted
We’re a growing church and are always in need of some helping hands with our Sunday Gathering. Please stop by our “Resource Table” on Sundays or check out our website to find out how you can get involved.