A Gospel Primer: Know

Dear Redemption City Family,

This week we are going to take a short break from our study in the book of 1 Timothy and focus our attention on the gospel of grace. It is very common in the church to think as follows: "The gospel is for non-Christians. One needs it to be saved, but once saved, you grow through hard work and obedience.”  Yet, both confession and hard work that is not arising from and in line with the gospel will not change you -- it will strangle you.

From time to time, we say things like “I know I need to do better” or “I’ll try harder”. This is the kind of thinking that leads us to spiritual defeat and discouragement. Many of us, if we are honest, find ourselves in the valley of guilt and shame rather than enjoying the grace and approval of God. We often believe the lie that if we’d just try harder God would be more approving of us.

Tim Keller once said, “The gospel is not the first step in a stairway of truths. Rather, it is more like the hub in a wheel of truth. The gospel is not just the A-B-C’s but the A to Z of Christianity. The gospel is not just the minimum required doctrine necessary to enter the kingdom but the way we make all progress in the kingdom.”

Join us tomorrow as we learn what it means to know the gospel.

Praying for you,

Pastor Juan



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