Life Together: An Honest Community

Dear Redemption City Family,

What is the single most important component of any healthy relationship?

Maybe your initial answer to this question is something like love, trust, or selflessness. Let me suggest an answer that is even deeper and more foundational: truth. Relationships simply cannot exist without honesty.  

The same concept goes for the church. Relationships inside the church simply cannot exist without honesty. Authentic community means being known "as we really are".  Yet, most of us are worried that others would not accept us or like us if they really knew us, so instead of letting our true selves be known, we hide behind a false self.  

Tomorrow we’ll explore how the good news of the gospel frees us from slavery to the approval or disapproval of others. When we are confident in our identity in Christ, we are free to be known as we really are and to love others as they really are.  

I hope you’ll join us.  Bring a friend!

Christ is All, 
Pastor Juan



Thanksgiving with Redemption City
If you are staying in town for Thanksgiving, join us for a day of festivities! Come play football at our 4th Annual Turkey Bowl in the morning, and share Thanksgiving dinner with us in the afternoon. Check out the event on our website for info and to RSVP.

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Interested in learning more about our church? Attend our membership class happening next Saturday, Nov. 14th, 10AM – 2PM at the South End Branch of Boston Public Library. Learn more and sign up for the class on our website.

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Every Sunday morning, Redemption City Church holds pre-service prayer meetings at 9:45am. Please join us in the hallway next to the auditorium to pray for our church, our city, and our world.

Help with City Kids
Do you play guitar, even a little bit? City Kids is looking for members willing to learn a few designated songs and help lead the children in music once a month during the first part of our Sunday Gathering. Please contact us with interest.

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