Life Together: How the Gospel Shapes Us In Community

Dear Redemption City Family,

Boston is an incredible city filled with beauty and potential. It's also a place filled with loneliness. For example, the majority of people in our city who live as singles commute to work alone, eat lunch alone, commute home alone, and go to an apartment alone...only to watch shows about people who are not alone. Some look in all the wrong places in a desperate attempt to fill the void they have in their hearts for relationship. 

Why is this? As we've been discussing recently, you and I were made for community. When God created the world, He created it to be dependent upon and in relationship with Himself. Mankind was created to fellowship and commune with the Godhead who shared perfect love and communion within Himself as Father, Son and Spirit. The love God had for God overflowed into creating our world, and yet the world, as the apostle John said, received Him not.

As we evaluate our lives at Redemption City Church, let’s remember that we were made for community -- with God and with His people -- and let's aim to walk in His good, glorious design for the church. Let’s have the world see a city within the city, one that is diverse and different, one in which we love one another well and in turn love Boston as a whole. Let’s remember that people will know us by our love.

Join us tomorrow as we continue our teaching series "Life Together". I hope to see you there. Bring a friend.

Christ is All, 
Pastor Juan



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