Baptism is a biblical means of outwardly celebrating an internal, heart-transforming work of Christ. When we become followers of Jesus, we are baptized 1) as an outward symbol that we identify with Christ’s burial and resurrection (Romans 6:4) and 2) in obedience to the command of Christ (Matthew 28:19-20). Though baptism is not necessary for salvation (Luke 23:39-43), it is a demonstration of a willing heart to submit to Jesus as Lord. It’s similar to the idea of a birth certificate. One does not need a birth certificate to be born, but it is a declaration that someone was born.

At Redemption City Church, we hold to the tradition of “believer’s baptism”, which means we believe one must understand the implications of the Gospel and the call of Christ upon one’s life prior to baptism. We also believe in baptism by immersion, representing the full burial and resurrection of Christ. All of the examples of baptism found in the bible are of people who came to an understanding of Christ’s saving work, and all of them, Christ included, were immersed fully in water. Thus, we do not perform infant baptisms. We do, however, hold Baby Dedication ceremonies for those who want to call the church to aid in raising and nurturing their child in the Lord.

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